Thursday, October 23, 2014

Down Memory Lane -- June 23-Oct 23, 2014

On the heels of having over 7,100 viewers to this blog AND my birthday, Happy Fourth [Month] Anniversary to me!  I've been full time RVing now for four months... sometimes it seems like four years, other times, like four days!  Time loses some perspective in this lifestyle!

I thought I would share some photos from the past four months.  Readers since the beginning will recognize some of them, but there are new readers every day who may not have gone back into the archives.  I won't post photos from every single stop...but enough so you can follow the route.  I will spare you all the cemetery photos and stops at places like WalMart for overnights!

So, sit back, relax, and flip through the photo album of my RV travels from Oxford, OH to my winter spot near Yuma, AZ over the past four months.  (Remember, click on photos to enlarge.)  Let's get rollin' down Memory Lane...

06.23.14 ~ Night 1 ~ Lane Farm  CG ~ Wayne Nat'l Forest ~ Marietta, OH

06.24-25.14 ~ Lake Buffalo ~ Monongahela National Forest ~ Bartow, WV

06.27.14 ~ Scottsville, VA

06. 27-29.14 ~ Featherfin Wildlife Management Area ~ Farmville, VA

06.29-07.03.14 ~ Dick Cross Wildlife Management Area ~ Boydton, VA

 07.04-14.14 ~ Harkers Island, NC
(Thanks Laine & MaryAnn!)

07.09.14 ~ Beaufort, NC

07.15-16.14 ~ Santee Coast Reserve Wildlife Management Area
(scene of the infamous "Stranger in a Strange Land" hike - see archives!)

07.17-30.14 ~ Charleston, SC  (aka RV Roof Catastrophe City)
(Thanks for the repair, ProTech!)

07.30-08.02.14 ~ Savannah, GA

08.02-05.14 ~ Brunswick/Jekyll Island, GA
(Thanks, Jess, John, Zack & Stella!)

08.09.14 ~ Through St. Louis

08.10.14 ~ Across the Mississippi into Missouri

08.12-13.14 ~ Vermillion, SD

08.14-18.14 ~ Lake Byre ~ Kennebec, SD

08.19-20.14 ~ The Badlands ~ South Dakota

 08.20.14 ~ Bear Butte ~ Sturgis, SD

08.21.14 ~ Deadwood, SD

08.22.14 ~ Big Horn, WY

08.24.14 ~ Ayers Natural Bridge, Casper, WY

08.27-09.01-14 ~ Parowan, UT ~ Dixie National Forest

09.01.14 ~ Somewhere on I-15 in Nevada (fuel pump blow-up area)
(Thanks, Coach-Net!)

 09.06-15.14 ~ Dome Rock ~ Quartzsite, AZ

09.15-28.14 ~ LaPosa BLM Areas - Quartzsite, AZ

09.29.14 - Present ~ Yuma BLM ~ Near Yuma, AZ

Well, that's a brief glimpse at all the sights I've seen from OH to AZ.  If you would like more details on a specific stop, please go to the archives.  You will find the details and lots more photographs!  If  you have specific questions about any of these areas or others that are in the archives, please comment below.  I will be happy to tell you whatever I know!  Especially for those of you RVers and/or campers who like to boondock, I've spent virtually nothing over the past 120 days on spots to stay overnight....and I haven't stayed at WalMart very often!

Thanks for going back down the road with's been a great adventure so far!  Stay with me for more!

And.....thanks to all who have ordered with through my link!

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. This was great! I had forgotten about some of those stops! It's going to be interesting to spend the winter in the wide world of Yuma, I'm sure...

  2. Happy Birthday and Fourth [Month] Anniversary!

  3. Surely did enjoy going down the memory list in this post! A lot of good visits to new and old places!