Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's a Woman's Prerogative! Sept 30, 2014

I've been "stationed" here in Quartzsite, AZ for what?  Three weeks?  Dome Rock, LaPosa South, and this past week at LaPosa West.  First, a little about LaPosa West, then we'll move on....

The site I found in LP West is fairly close to the highway, but not really noisy, is alcove-shaped and has a nice rock fire ring with some desert 'greenery' and it actually has a tree!  That's kinda homey....

LaPosa West is just a mile or so from LaPosa South...how different can it be?  It's all just desert land! Well, there are no cacti as far as I can see around LaPosa West....that's interesting!  There is more "wildlife" here in West than South.  I have a family of chipmunks that scurry all about the campsite every day.  You're not supposed to, but I've been feeding them so they don't think the wires in and about the RV are their new recreational activity.

They seem to favor garbanzo beans and tomatoes!

There are also some desert gophers that come around....however, they prefer tortilla chips!

A bevy of quail...probably 8-10... zip through every couple of days....boy, can they run fast!       Almost impossible to get a photo of them!

Have also seen the behinds of some jack rabbits hoppin' quickly away from me.  I haven't seen as many birds, tho'......but lots of little lizards just as in LP South.

And, of course, there are beautiful sunrises and sunsets...that's a given here, but something I never grow tired of ...every one is different.


So, what's not to like???  All in all, it's a nice little spot.  However......in talking to several locals and some other RVers I have run into,  Quartzsite doesn't just get filled with people soon....it gets filled with loud, rowdy, obnoxious people.  Not very appealing in my way of looking at things!  Just not anything I think I can deal with for any length of time. 

Sooooooooo.....  after I get a new battery installed on Thursday, I'm Headin' To The Border!  Well, "borders"....a little over an hour from here to Yuma.  Yuma, AZ is in the very most SW corner of AZ at the borders of California and Mexico.  My permit is transferable to the 11,000 acre LTVA area there.  The plus factors there are --- no crazies, a mail station, a potable water station, dump station, showers if you want to 'indulge' AND..........wait for it.............drum roll................natural water areas!  A reservoir, a lake and a dam. Now, I don't know if I can get a spot right next to the water....obviously, those are the gems and I would definitely have close neighbors even if I did get a spot, but at least there's water in the area....in the desert!  A great hiking destination if I can't live close to the water. Also mountain ranges in the distance.  Who's in??  I am!  

Known as the city with the most sunshine on earth, Yuma is a multi-cultural city with about 95,000 people, so there are amenities, albeit about 15 miles away (altho' I'm thinking there's probably a Walmart closer than that, as there are three WMs there!), but close enough to find anything I might need.... even and "international" airport.  It's just under three hours over to San Diego, and, I can go across the border into Mexico easy enough if I want to.  I have a new passport :-)  

Anyway, that's the plan.  So, the days about posting only about "RV life" aren't here yet....there's more exploring to do!  Stay tuned!  

I can't seem to get the song to that 1959-1961 western, The Rebel, out of my head!  LOL!  Nick Adams starred as Johnny Yuma....lyrics were sung by none other than the great Johnny Cash!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

It's A Wrap from LaPosa South! Sept 16-22, 2014

My first week of my two week LaPosa LTVA permit is finishing up tomorrow.  Tomorrow I think I will check out LaPosa West for next week.  It's closer to town (Quartzsite), which would be super convenient via bike or walking, but at the same time, if I decide to stay here for the winter, once all the snowbirds start coming in for the ideal weather, RV show, gem/mineral shows, swap meets, etc., the west section of LaPosa will get crowded.  I'm not used to people being around!  Don't want to put a negative slant on it, but it's just not my thing!  But....on a positive note, it may be a lot better than I am envisioning.

Anyway, thought I would round out my week here in LaPosa South with some miscellaneous photos from this location.  I usually take a walk around in the mornings and late afternoons when it's cooler...AND...it's ALWAYS the best light for photographing!  It's amazing how much there is to see within a relatively short distance.  Hold on to your hats! A LOT of photos here, but very little talking! LOL! (Remember...click to enlarge)




Rainbow (during rain shower at sunset) and a sky prism with no rain in sight on a different day


(All indigenous to this area)

Wied's Crested Flycatcher....
both male and female like my side view mirror perch at sunrise...on different days!

This desert variety of hummingbird nests in the same tree or bush year after year (known as philopatry).  It will return to the same branch and even build a new nest atop an old one!

              One of two nests I found in a grove of mesquite trees of the Black-tailed Gnatcatcher....                 too small and too fast to get a photo of them :-(

(all that's missing is the water!)



Fire ants!

Okay....that wraps up this week's excursions around LaPosa South.  We'll see if LaPosa West has anything different to report on next week!  Enjoy your weekend!

Bye for now!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Two Claims To Fame.... Sept 15-28, 2014

I didn't want to leave anyone hanging as to where I am now.  And this blog will take a turn into 'something else' coming up shortly.

First things, first.  I'm about 6 miles from Dome Rock, my last stop!  Still in Quartzsite at an area known as LaPosa.  There's a lot to talk about.  I'll start out with a photo...last night's sunset...

LaPosa consists of almost 12,000 acres of desert land run by the Bureau of Land Management. It is an LTVA - Long Term Visitor Area.  If you have a self-contained RV, you can stay here from Sept. 15 - April 15 for a total of $180.  Yep! About a dollar a day!  Right now I have a 2 week permit in LaPosa South to see how I like it.  The general plan is to stay here all winter, but I don't have a crystal ball, so the future is still up for grabs, but that's the plan right now.  There is also LaPosa North, West and Tyson Wash.  It's basically a large rectangle divided into these sections, with I-95 passing through the center.  Route 10 runs along the northern border.  Right now I'm about 4 miles off 95 and about 4 miles from Route 10.  Nearer the entrance is potable water and a dump station.  None of the other three LaPosa areas have these amenities, but it is easy enough to drive over here.  I have to drive to the entrance, so there's really no particular giant 'plus' to being in LaPosa South unless you are going to secure a site right next to the water and dump station.  NOT!  

Here are some views from the site I choose.  These are not developed sites except perhaps by previous visitors.  You can park ANYWHERE in the desert you want to!  ANYWHERE!  I could have driven around for days determining a site.  I drove around a bit, but finally just stopped!

 This morning's sunrise

I am facing just slightly north of directly east.

 These are the western views.  That's Quartzsite below.  Looks closer than it is! 

This is the view from under my awning....facing north.  I have a lot of desert greenery from this vantage point...not looking out at a barren desert.    

 I don't know if this is one lizard or two different ones, but they are around!

I also have a pre-made fire ring and a little wood that someone left behind :-)

All in all, I have a pretty nice desert yard!  I even have a natural sculpture!

Okay....now....about Quartzsite.  Where to start??  It's a very, very basic, desert town about 36 square miles in size.  You would think absolutely nothing of it just driving through on Route 10 on your way to Phoenix or Los Angeles.  Why would anyone want to stay here aside from the fact it costs almost nothing??  WELL....come fall/winter, primarily January and February, this sleepy little desert town turns into something completely different!


Quartszite is THE desert host of thousands upon thousands of visitors during the winter months. About 1 million people pass through and many thousands stay all winter.  Why?  Well, the weather is fabulous (70's !!) and vendors from EVERYWHERE set up shop in Quartzsite.  I've mentioned the prevalent rock/mineral factor here.  There are huge Gem & Mineral shows. The ideal winter climate brings amethyst from Brazil, opals and crystals from Australia, turquoise from Africa and the U.S., fossilized geodes and ancient bones from everywhere.  Are antiques your thing??  There are dozens of antique dealers here from all over the country.  Like homemade arts and crafts??  There are craft shows going on all the time and major shows during the peak season.  Jewelry??  Of course! Plus, there are tons of indoor and outdoor swap meets and other vendors selling all kinds of wares.  There's an old saying around Quartzsite...if you can't find it here, it hasn't been thought of yet!  Shop til you drop!!

I have borrowed this photo from the Chamber of Commerce to give you an idea of what I'm describing.  This "tent area" abuts to LaPosa North.  (I'm sitting way out by those mountains somewhere!)  Vendors, however, are set up everywhere...not just in the tent area.  Live music is BIG here, too!  Always jammin' going on!


During this same time, Quartzsite is also host to THE largest conversion of RV's and RV-related vendors in the world!  It is literally a mecca for RVers.  Full time, part time for just the winter, or those simply on "vacation"...75,000 RVers call this "home" for some amount of time.  You will never see more for RVs in one spot than here!

So, why might you ask, does SHE want to be here?  Well, it's very, very inexpensive... the weather will turn to paradise soon... until the snowbirds flock in for all the shows, it will be very quiet... and it's an easy way of life!  I'm not a "shopper" per se....I need nothing, but there will be a lot to see in the happening months of winter and a lot of 'characters', too!  My only dilemma is NO CAR!  But, by then, I won't be the only one camping out here, so maybe I can hitch a ride into town.  It's a pretty long way to bike, but I might try it.  Hard to think about that right now when it's over 100*!

I mentioned the blog taking a turn soon.  The longer I stay here, the less of a "travel blog" it will be, obviously.  I'm only traveling into town!  Only so much to say about that until the shows start.  So, I will post about RV life in general...what I've learned over the past 3 months.  It's all on the internet, but my info will be first hand from someone who has learned everything along the way!

Of course, here and there I will post photos of sunrises and sunsets and any interesting nature tidbits I come across.

So, for now I'm just going to enjoy an OVERCAST day!  No sign of rain yet, but I'm hoping!  Think I'll take a little hike while it's "cool"!

Everyone...have a great week!