Sunday, September 21, 2014

It's A Wrap from LaPosa South! Sept 16-22, 2014

My first week of my two week LaPosa LTVA permit is finishing up tomorrow.  Tomorrow I think I will check out LaPosa West for next week.  It's closer to town (Quartzsite), which would be super convenient via bike or walking, but at the same time, if I decide to stay here for the winter, once all the snowbirds start coming in for the ideal weather, RV show, gem/mineral shows, swap meets, etc., the west section of LaPosa will get crowded.  I'm not used to people being around!  Don't want to put a negative slant on it, but it's just not my thing!  But....on a positive note, it may be a lot better than I am envisioning.

Anyway, thought I would round out my week here in LaPosa South with some miscellaneous photos from this location.  I usually take a walk around in the mornings and late afternoons when it's's ALWAYS the best light for photographing!  It's amazing how much there is to see within a relatively short distance.  Hold on to your hats! A LOT of photos here, but very little talking! LOL! ( to enlarge)




Rainbow (during rain shower at sunset) and a sky prism with no rain in sight on a different day


(All indigenous to this area)

Wied's Crested Flycatcher....
both male and female like my side view mirror perch at sunrise...on different days!

This desert variety of hummingbird nests in the same tree or bush year after year (known as philopatry).  It will return to the same branch and even build a new nest atop an old one!

              One of two nests I found in a grove of mesquite trees of the Black-tailed Gnatcatcher....                 too small and too fast to get a photo of them :-(

(all that's missing is the water!)



Fire ants!

Okay....that wraps up this week's excursions around LaPosa South.  We'll see if LaPosa West has anything different to report on next week!  Enjoy your weekend!

Bye for now!


  1. Wonderful, wonderful!! Love all of these!!
    Did you use bird book??

  2. Love the bird photos - and the other fabulous views. Read both blogs and feel more caught up now. I am so glad you are basically "there" even though you may not be exactly sure where there is yet. Glad you are safe and sound.