Saturday, November 15, 2014

Where Have I Been??? - Nov 15, 2014

Where the heck have I been the past 10 days?  I'm not really sure, but as I go through my photos for this post, I'll be reminded.  Somehow the time has flown but I'll try to catch up now!

I hope some of you noted the cranberry recipes in my last post and will try a few over the holidays! That cranberry chicken is to die for!  If you have any left over turkey, just modify the recipe slightly.

OK....where have I been? Primarily just taking in the local scenery and happenings around the ol' campsite here at the Senator Wash Reservoir area.  The weather is finally tapering off from the very hot levels and is getting really nice now!

I'll start off with a glorious sunrise to set the pace....

We have a desert "golf course" here...18 "birdie only".  Two shots...that's all you get per hole.  So far, I've had two days with two birdies, each.  It's a very unforgiving terrain!  Rocks, rocks, rocks, and more rocks!  A little sand around each hole and that's about it.  You can hit a decent shot, but if it hits a rock (which it will 9 times out of 10)....your ball can zoom 30' in the opposite direction...or over a cliff...or into a wash...or hit another rock and go straight into oblivion!  The exact reasons I have a BRIGHT ORANGE BALL Many days [for me] it's more like going on a hike than playing golf!  But, it's all for fun. A group of 5-6 play every morning at 9:00am.  Don't bring your best clubs!  They get sooooo beat up out here! (I picked up some at the Yuma Goodwill for $4 each...and two bags of used balls!)

On my way over to Goodwill to look for my clubs, I was stopped at a train crossing.  Normally, it wouldn't be anything but a delay, but this time, it was a good delay for a couple of good shots.  The shadows are what make these photos more than just a train passing by.  Now you know why I suggest always having your camera with you!

There have been a few sailboats out on the reservoir lately.  That would be fun!  Except when  you tack the wrong way on a breezy day!  In another second the sail was in the water.  SPLASH!  OOPS!

Speaking of breezy days.... on a particularly windy day, a fellow camper launched his big kites.  The one with all the tails was 15' long  The cone-shaped one was a twirler!  It was a colorful sight!

One day I took a little walk through the "jungle" as it's known.  It's all the trees below the ridge I sit on...along the west edge of the reservoir.  I didn't see a whole lot, but a coyote did run across my path. Of course, I was looking elsewhere and didn't see him until he was almost past so couldn't capture him with my camera.  :-(    I did see a little Cordilleran Flycatcher...


raccoon tracks...

and waterfowl tracks... turned into a small nature hike!

Then there's always the calming water shots....I never get tired of being near the water!

On, or near, the full moon night every month, there's a group event known as the "Dog Burn".  It's a bit out of the actual camp site areas in the desert.  Everyone brings their "dogs of choice" and their own side dishes/drink and chair.  It's 'dogs only', tho'!  Love the multiple dogs on a rake idea!  LOL! Very creative!  After the eatin' is over, they pile on some pallets and make a bonfire for a few minutes, make some announcements, etc.  and then watch the full moon rise.  It's a fun couple of hours  with great fellow RVers!

A nice evening!

There are birds here and there around the RV, so I keep my camera handy!

This is a Loggerhead Shrike....really delicate and pretty!

And your common black raven....also beautiful with it's shiny black/blue feathers and piercing look!

One day I had to go over to the Bard, California post office to mail a package.  The "Bard Valley" is known for it's medjool date trees.  There's a store there called Imperial Date Gardens.  I bought a pound of fresh dates for only $5.  Anywhere else, I would bypass dates because of the high cost...and because they are usually dry and not very fresh.  But these were large, soft, moist and sweet!  Really delicious.  Stuff them with stilton cheese for a great snack! 

There's actually a lot of agriculture around here...which is a bit surprising.  
Green crops are sprouting up everywhere.  

On the way to/from the Bard post office there's an old car/implement 'museum'...The Cloud Museum.  I poked my camera through the entrance but didn't actually go in...but I will stop again for more photos.  I love old, rusty cars and 'stuff'!

Thursdays are now the official group hiking day.  Six of us went on a 2.6 mile (round trip) hike near Mittry Lake this past Thursday.  The lake is probably 3-4 miles from here, so we drove over and started the hike from there.  On the surface, walking 2.6 miles isn't very far, but the terrain makes it seem a bit further.

Most of the trail was up and down and rocky...

but there was one area of reprieve...

The vistas were beautiful,  of course....

So, that's where I've been the past 10 days!  Looking forward to the next ten...a "canyon" hike next Thursday...teeing off to make the ever evasive hole in one, and whatever pops up in between!

THANK YOU to everyone who is ordering through my Amazon link!  No place better to shop for the holidays!  Something for everyone!  

I'll say "so long for now" and "have a great weekend!" with a beautiful sunset....


  1. As usual, great photos and descriptions! I would for sure go back to the antique car spot! Glad you are seeing so many wonderful places and meeting new people! As for spending the winter where it's warm...well, we don't even want to discuss that! All I can say is "Good for you!"

  2. Great post! Love the hot dog fire and full moon! Yes, the trails look rough, mostly, but interesting nonetheless.
    I would go back to cars....more photos! Like the shrike photo a lot. Beautiful. Enjoy cooler temps....we are cold here!

  3. As always, beautiful photos! Can hardly wait to get out there next winter. We miss the Southwest after spending 10 years in Mesa!

  4. Thanks, John! Just keep looking will be here before you know it!