Thursday, March 10, 2016

Au Revoir, Adios, Arrivederci! -- Mar 10, 2016

Well, it's time to "break camp" and leave my winter spot here at the Imperial Dam BLM in Winterhaven, CA.  And it has been a "winter haven"!  Fellow RVers are noticeably leaving now.

I will be pulling out on Saturday morning.  First stop will be down to Yuma for errands, etc.  I'll spend the night somewhere...probably the parking lot next to the laundromat.  That's exotic!  Rt. 8 out of Yuma will take me right up to Scottsdale on Sunday morning.... probably arriving at my friend's around noon.  He is going to help me move some unnecessary stuff from the RV to my storage unit in Scottsdale.  Things I don't need from day to day and I need to get some weight out of the RV.  Just like a house, it is easy to accumulate "stuff"!  The scary thing is.....I haven't looked in my storage unit since July 2010!  All I remember's full!  Yikes!

I'll  head on up to Payson, AZ mid-day on Monday.  What a change in climate that will be!  But, just in time!  It will be in the 90's soon just about everywhere south of Payson.  I'll be getting my sweaters and down comforter back out!  Nikko will love it!

I have no idea how long I will be helping out my friend in Payson.  You are probably thinking.....gee doesn't sound like she will be showing us much in the way of "travel and adventure" for awhile!  Well, you are probably right.  A lot of RVing is following the weather. (I had snow up near Flagstaff last May 9th!)  Payson will give me and Nikko that interim "springtime" where it's too hot staying south, but still too cold [for me!] going much further north, not to mention shopping at my favorite thrift store!  I have many months to travel around and show you the least six! That's plenty of time for exploring...and I do have a plan in mind!  Please stick with me. I am trying to give everyone a realistic view of this lifestyle....the way I experience it, anyway. Remember, I'm all about living off grid whether it's in a forest or in a friend's driveway.....not jumping from one RV park to another and spending unlimited amounts of money. Parks are great for scores of RVers...just not for me...even if I had that kind of money. Park living and boondocking are totally different ways to experience RVing.  As is the way all of us "boondockers" boondock!  We range from those who have every luxury to those who have a simple roof over their heads.....and everywhere in between!  But we all have one thing in common....we "get it"!  

So, that brings us to some cool pictures... of my winter haven....just a little overview of my time here.  

We all boondock differently!

Lots of opportunities to be a kid again and fly kites!

Nature's wonders!

Thanksgiving full moon....

High flyin'!

Christmas full moon....

Desert starkness...but beautiful!

Part of my golf gang!

Best RV canine in the universe! :-)  
Maybe I'm a little biased!  LOL!

Unbelievable sunrise!

Sunlight playing a creative game!

A pilot's zoom through the sunset....

Only about an hour from Mexico!

Delivering the Native American message....

A puff of color!

And finally, my view every single day!

A fond farewell to all my friends here and a hello to what's ahead!
We'll see you on the flip side!

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