Saturday, August 18, 2018

A Repeat Respite -- August 18, 2018

At 8:18 this morning (and tonight) it will be 08.18.18, 8:18!  Maybe 8 or 18 is our...or your...lucky number!  So far here at the ol' campsite, there are no indicators of anything associated with 18 or 8, but we still have the whole day to go!

As you might recall, we left our last site at the Hickory Ridge Horse Camp after just a few days for various reasons.  At that point, I decided to go back to a site that I was pretty confident would be quiet and unpopulated...and 3-bar Verizon LTE.  That held true!  We've been here at Saddle Lake in southern Indiana all week...all by ourselves!  Oh joy!!

I didn't take the campsite that I had occupied earlier in the summer.  I really liked it, but there just wasn't enough shade.  Several others are quite nice, but a little inconvenient in the way I like to set up.  Luckily, there was a nice, level site that has a little more shade going for it.  

Where to start?  Yes, we've been here what can I add to the picture? I've mentioned several times, Bo and I aren't on a vacation.  This is a lifestyle.  Just as in any a house in a neighborhood which one occupies every day for years, every day is a different day....stuff happens....things can paint a room a different can have a leak in roof.  All this in the same location.  Well, it's pretty much the same where we live.  Same place...different stuff!  

We haven't had to worry too much about how much shade we have as it has been fairly dreary all week.  We've driven down to the lake (about 1/2 mile) and there have been late day clearings several days which gave way to beautiful lake landscapes like this...  

Just like we've all experienced in our conventional homes. things break!  I started off this trek with a semi-repaired broken canopy leg.  It held up fairly well with the original repair, but then took a turn for the worse....I have tools with me, but I don't travel with Home Depot in my back pocket.  So, we do the best we can with what we have, or can find.

This combo held up until Wednesday night when a ferocious storm came through.  Between the wind and the canopy top having areas that sagged and filled with water, our shelter totally collapsed!  No damage to anything underneath, but that was the end of the canopy!  No way to repair it, even if Home Depot was across the street.  Thursday morning I took everything down, folded up the crimped frame and saved the canopy.  I set up our "kitchen" on the picnic table.....really, like most campers do.... and covered it with the leftover canopy, which is huge, and can easily cover the entire table.  Repurposing!  With rain in the forecast most every day, this will work!

During a few hours of off and on sun, I pulled out the GoSun Solar cooker and decided to try steaks!  Why not?  It has cooked everything else I've ever tried perfectly, so this should work, too.  Seasoned them up and into the tube they went!  For some reason, I always think of The Jetsons when I do this!  LOL! 

In just under an hour....we had ourselves a delightfully, delicious dinner!

That was about the only day we've had much "peak" sun.  But, that doesn't mean we don't eat!  I would normally roast up drumsticks in the GoSun, but we have the camp stove for a reason besides boiling hot water for tea....  

"Typical" nature findings around here.....forest...all kinds of different trees. a few insects but none that have been bothersome, no birds to speak of for some reason, raccoons at night - treated themselves to a few leftover dog food kibbles one night, not really any wildflowers....but, twice we've found a walking stick.  Once on the canopy side panel (before it's demise) and once on the side of the van!  I love these things!  I relocated both back into more of a natural habitat among the pines...

As I mentioned, fortunately, despite dreary days, several evenings have conveniently cleared around sunset.  Perfect for a run down to the lake.  Here's the layout of the lake.  From the boat launch, where I take most of the sunset photos, it isn't possible to see the shape of the entire lake.  

One night, a lone fisherman was there casting for bass....but, alas, no dinner for him that night....

Another evening a kayaker was floating around enjoying the sunset....

And a few other pretty evenings....

Bo is happy no matter where we are....
always guarding!

So, repeating a spot always has something new to offer....good and maybe not so good....but always different in one way or another.  Just like living in a house...something is always happening!  I have a new spot in mind, however, for next week.  It's not written up anywhere...I heard about it from the maintenance guy, Fred.  And, I asked my forest ranger friend, Donald, about it when he drove through here the other day.  All I really know is it is a one-site only there's a 100% guarantee that there will be no neighbors...and it supposedly has cell service.  It's only about 30 minutes away.  It's near an, I think, quite interesting trail.  That's all I know!  We'll find out tomorrow or Monday, depending on the weather. Just hoping no one else is there, but there's a good chance it will be empty.  If not, there's always a backup plan!

So long for now!  Enjoy your weekend!
And, as always, thanks for tuning in to our crazy lifestyle adventures!

Watch for your lucky number

8 or 18



  1. Sorry about canopy demise! The GoSun steak looked perfectly done.
    Bo seems adjusted to moving around w you. Hope u get new spot!

  2. Love the photo's. Sorry for the loss of the trusted canopy, but it does seem that you got by. Hugs and safe travelling- looking forward to the next destination.