Sunday, September 20, 2015

We've Landed! --- Sept 20. 2015

Guess what?  We finally left Payson this past Tuesday! I'm sure you were thinking that day was never going to come!   Right when the weather was turning p-e-r-f-e-c-t!  Oh well...that's okay!  We'll have good weather all winter :-)  Our last night in Payson gave Nikko and I a beautiful driveway view sunset....

So, we're in Scottsdale, AZ now.  I used to live here, so it's not unfamiliar.  We are staying at my friend's where I am helping him get the place ready for his folks to move in - in about a week.  There has been....and still is, A LOT to do!  But, it's coming along and will be really great when it's all finished. I've been too tired by the end of the day to do anything around town, so far.  But because I've already spent a lot of time here, it isn't a priority.  I've also been way too busy to do any Zen-Art or GoSun solar cooking, but there will be plenty of time for that when we get back on the road.  

Scottsdale is not Payson....not even close!  Payson is pine trees....Scottsdale is towering palms!  From pines to palms in an hour's drive.  It's very different here! 

Scottsdale has been called "The Most Livable City"....I really can't agree.  Yes, it's beautiful and has a lot to offer, but it is very expensive here, in my opinion...making it not so "livable" for a lot of people. I got a decent deal (it's all relative!) on renting a 2 BR townhouse when the market was down when I lived here...$795/month...that was 6-7 years ago. The community I'm in right now is an older (early 70's), really quiet, patio home community where a 2-bedroom rents for $1800/mo.  For me, anyway, that's far from "livable"!  LOL!  The New York Times called Scottsdale "a desert version of Miami's South Beach".  (Following are not my photos, hence smaller size.)  

Yep....pretty much the glitz of "South Beach"! 

There is a nice "riverfront" area...

If you are in the area, do visit Old Town Scottsdale....

---there are lots of shops and restaurants that are very nice and fun...and scads of art galleries in the Marshall Way Arts District where you will see a lot of wonderful western art.  Even if you think that might not be your style, I think you will appreciate it when you see it here.  Top notch western artists and sculptors are represented in these galleries.  For 40 years, there has been an art walk every Thursday night from 7pm-9pm.  That's really a fun way to visit the galleries. You will also find beautiful Native American jewelry and art in Scottsdale.  There are horse-drawn carriage rides through Old Town, too, in the cooler months.   

Scottsdale Fashion Square has all the designer shops....Armani, Cartier, Coach, David Yurman, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, Montblanc, Prada, Tiffany & Co, get the idea! Hmmmmmm.....again, not that "livable" to me!  But, there are lots of other fine stores, too....stores where I could actually buy something!  

Scottsdale is full of gorgeous resorts, spas, and golf really is a vacation paradise in the desert. The 5-star hotels here average $440/ 5-star meals and greens fees!  Oh...and tips! And a rental car!  $800/day should do it if you don't go shopping!  I can go a long way and see a lot of sites for that amount of money.  I'll stick to RVing!  LOL!  But, these resorts really are magnificent! If you can't stay at one, just pop into the bar and enjoy a cold drink out on one of the patios looking out at an unbelievable sunset....that's fun, too!  

Here are two good articles if you plan to visit Scottsdale...

Another nice thing about the area are the plants....lots of citrus trees.....most everyone has a least one in their back yard.  My friend has lemon, tangelo and orange trees, all of which will start to ripen soon.  I used to make all kinds of fresh lemon recipes when I lived here and had my own lemon trees. So good!  It seems flowers of all kinds are blooming all year long here, too.  Can't not like that!


Red Bird of Paradise.....

A great place to visit -- Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West
I wouldn't mind going there again

             Last but not least are the many gated communities with very palatial homes                 .....think Architectural Digest!  

I'll be here in Scottsdale at least until the end of the week.  It will take that long to get everything else finished with this project.  Then......we will slowly move south.  It's still pretty warm....mid to upper 90's .....but we'll just have to make do until the temperatures start to drop.  I don't mind it so much, but Nikko gets uncomfortable.  Hopefully he is adjusting a bit while we are stopped here in Scotts-dale.   I will be in touch after we leave Scottsdale and make a nest at our next boondocking spot. A reader friend asked for more detailed info on how I made a smoker out of a small Weber grill.  I will post more info on that topic next time!  Stay tuned!

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Until next time, enjoy a pretty Scottsdale - Nikko walk - sunrise.... 

Have a great week!  Autumn is in the air....



  1. Scottdale is beautiful. ..maybe I'll see it someday! I'm site you've done an amazing job there, and also sure it's appreciated.

    Safe travels!