Thursday, October 1, 2015

Still At It! -- Oct 1, 2015

Hello! Can you believe it's October 1st already?? Time sure flies!

Well, we're still in Scottsdale, AZ helping my friend get his place together for his elderly parents to move in --- last night was their first night in their new digs!  Not everything got finished as I might have liked, but it was a daunting endeavor to get to the point we are today, so I'm pretty satisfied with what has gotten done in two weeks.  I'm sure they will be comfortable here.  There's no reason why they wouldn't be, but change is change and everyone will be adjusting for a little while.  

I've mention this before, but it is worth mentioning again.........if you plan to RV and live "for free" -- not going to RV parks -- check in with friends and family in other areas of the country to see if they need help with a project or two.  It's a win-win situation for everyone!  

I'm not sure what our exact plan is when we leave Scottsdale - maybe in about a week -- but it is still plenty warm towards Yuma, our winter spot.  We may motor back up to Payson for a is autumn-type weather up there.  It's been 102-108* here the past several days, a bit of a **hot** spell! I don't know....we'll see.  That's the flexibility you have when you full time RV!  

I took some photos of the drive down from Payson to Scottsdale, but didn't have room for them in the last post, so I'll show them to you now.  The migration from forest to more desert-like conditions only takes about an hour.  It's all about the elevation change.

 After the pine trees stop, you start to see the reddish rocks...

Then, my favorite cactus - the saguaros - start popping up everywhere...

The mountains you see are the McDowell Mountains, made up of some of the oldest rocks in existence.  At this point, we are just about to Fountain Hills, AZ, which lies on the eastern slope of the mountains.  Fountain Hills is about 500' above Scottsdale.  The McDowell Mountains make a natural division between Fountain Hills and Scottsdale/Phoenix metro.

At the point where the outer most limits of Fountains Hills begins, the large hilltop homes start to appear.   Many are adobe-style like this one.  It would be pretty cool to live up there, I think!

Now you can see the city of Fountain Hills...nestled in at the foot of the mountains.  

It's a pretty drive from Payson to Scottsdale....then it becomes less serene and more hustle-bustle as you get into the city.

As I'm sure you know - no matter where you live in the world, the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse was the other night.  I am right in town, so no beautiful mountain shots of the eclipse....and I was walking Nikko, so no tripod....but I did manage to get a couple of shots.  Not the best for such a spectacular event, but it was the best I could do under the circumstances!

That's about all from here for now.  We'll see what tomorrow brings!  

Our current, quiet hang out!

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Until next time.....Happy Trails!


  1. Glad your time helping your friend is working out well for everyone! Have missed your pictures! ~Marta

  2. Good act of kindness. ...helping someone who needs it! Pictures nice going to Scottsdale. .... Thanks!

  3. Still living the dream. I'm living vicariously through you and loving your journey!