Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Do I hear.....


Not quite yet, but we're heading that way!  The auctioneer is coming by this afternoon to survey all my "stuff"...  some antiques that I've gotten from his past auctions -- deja vu for Doug! and all the typical household items everyone else has.  I will put reserve amounts on some collectible artwork I have. Can't let those pieces go for nothing!  Hoping he has an open day on May 31st or June 7th.  Want to get on the road no later than June 15th.

Still waiting to actually get the RV to my house.  My brother-in-law is soooooo busy at his garage.  People will wait for weeks to have him work on their vehicles -  no one else will do.  I'm happy, too, to wait for the best!  He needs to check over the Onan generator....seems to have some hiccups.  Hopefully it's nothing huge.  Then the normal 'tuneup' stuff and we should be ready for some detail cleaning and organizing!  

One step at a time!  

Cody is doing pretty well so far for not having him even a week yet.  We walk loose leash on familiar routes now instead of him DRAAAAAAAGING me behind him.  I only weigh a few pounds more than he does, so we had to get past that bad habit right away!  He gets into my clothes hamper and pulls out all my clothes destined for the washing machine...then DRAAAAAAGS them all over the house.  Will have to get a dog-proof hamper for dirty clothes in the RV!

Next steps....tossing or donating (more) stuff that doesn't need to go into the auction!  

Stay much to little time!  

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