Thursday, April 10, 2014

I Have a Traveling Companion !

Today I adopted Cody!  Part Rottweiler / part German Shepherd.  He's 15 months old...on the larger side of medium-sized....about 80+ lbs.  He came from a mean original owner - BOO!  He had been at the shelter since January.  I can't believe he was there that long!  In just one short day, I can tell he's a great dog! He stays right by my side every minute!  Minds well, considering his background...but we have some work to do.  I'm confident he will train fairly easily. We have about 60 days before our adventure begins.  Two months of working together should yield a pretty daring duo!

He likes riding in the car -- which is a good thing, since we will be living in a vehicle!  He is anxious to see the world!  He will make a great companion!  (First night -- he's already up on my bed asleep!)  I believe I see a rather spoiled pooch in my future!

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