Monday, April 7, 2014

What I'm Drivin'

Okay……here we go!  Less than a week ago I purchased a 27′ 1990 Gulfstream Limited Edition Ultra RV!   WHOO HOO!  It’s in great shape, only 37,500 miles.  My brother-in-law, Anthony, who just happens to be an expert when it comes to automotive-anything (lucky me!), is going through it with a fine tooth comb (or wrench or electrical testing thingies) so I’ll be as road worthy as possible.  This includes six brand new tires. (RV tires are known to wear from age before the tread wears thin.)  See?  I’ve been studying and watching a lot of You Tube RV videos!  Better safe than sorry when it comes to the rubber hitting the pavement.  Here — take a look at my new home —

Stay tuned and thanks for joining me!  Let’s get rollin’!

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