Wednesday, April 23, 2014

When the Cat's Away...

....the mice will play!  And play they did!  In my RV's generator!  It had been sitting a long time with the previous owner.  The little critters got into the generator and chewed up a bunch of wires.

Anthony to the rescue!  My brother-in-law (Super Mechanic Man) ordered all the parts necessary and it's humming away like new!  YAY!  I really didn't want to have to purchase a new generator at this point!

Now very confident about having power!

There's a big community Spring trash pickup this Saturday.  Would like to get stuff out to the curb so I don't have to deal with carting it away myself a little later.  I don't know exactly what I have, but I'm sure I can find something!  My art studio is going to be the most difficult to break down from its sticks and bricks environment to the RV.  I'll have to be ruthless about tossing things in there.  I can only take so many paints, canvases, pens, watercolors, special papers, inks, easels, etc.  And then there's my camera equipment.  Can you say, "tight squeeze"??  LOL!

The generator is my good news for today!  So glad it wasn't something BIG!

Thanks, Anthony!!

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