Monday, April 13, 2015

Color in the Coconino National Forest -- April 13, 2015

I came into Camp Verde this morning to mail my IRS check and see if I could find someone to repair my ignition switch.  I've been hot wiring the RV every time I have to start it.  That gets old after about a week!  So, I'm here at Interstate Tire N Auto waiting my turn.  Mike and Helaine are great!  I got a very fair price, I think, on replacing the ignition switch....let's put it this way....I thought it would be more.  AND they are letting me use their wi-fi!  

In my last post I mentioned I would be exploring more of the landscape around my site in the Coconino National Forest.  Nikko and I went out for a hike one day specifically to see how many wild flowers we could find.  At first glance over many acres, there aren't any!  (Yes, that's us there in the middle of nowhere!)

But, looking closer along our walk up Fossil Creek Rd., Forest Road 500 and FR 500A, we actually found quite a few!  None were prolific, however.  We had to LOOK!   I'm just going to post the photos...not a lot of "talk".

This isn't a "flower", but the plumes on this particular grass were colorful enough to include!

These were my favorites!  But this clump were the only ones we saw....

Along with flowers come "wooly-worms".  We saw quite a few of these!
I'm including this pancake cactus along with this landscape post because the "leaves" are so large -- some are actually about 12" top to bottom...

Some look about 100 years old, tho'.....maybe they are!

These are the only birds we've seen....the Black-throated Sparrow....aka Desert Sparrow.              They have high tolerance levels for heat and drought.  

So, there's an overview of what you can actually find in an area that, on the surface, seems void of anything colorful.  We wanted to walk further down Fossil Creek Rd (probably only to find the same flowers), but a cattle guard kept Nikko from being able to take that walk.  Usually there is a small footpath around them, but not this time!

Perfect timing to end here.  They are ready to install the ignition switch.  

Next post will be some very cool terrain features....all within a couple mile walk of our site...and quite a surprise to come upon!  

We will check back in sometime after Thursday when I have a new data cycle starting!

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  1. I love wildflowers! Boo on Nikko and the cattle guard! Never thought of that! Lucky WiFi day to post these! Good on ignition switch!

    Amazing what can be found absolutely wild! Thanks!

  2. Glad you're not having to hotwire...but it's always good to know how! Love the flower pictures! Amazing how much life is really in the desert!