Saturday, April 25, 2015

Interesting Encounters -- Apr 25, 2015

While minding our own business the other morning, Nikko and I (mostly Nikko!) heard some ramblings out in the pull in area where we are camped.  It was more than just a car or truck pulling in. He's barking his head off!  The front windshield is covered with a sun shield so seeing directly outside to that area isn't possible.  I put him on his leash and we stepped outside....

Some cowboys....well, two cowboys and a cowgirl....are unloading their horses....  cool!

We said hello, but no conversation...they were busy getting themselves ready for a ride.
That sure would be fun!

We watched as they rode off toward the mountains....
Nice way to start the morning...for them and for us!

We had our breakfast and there was something I wanted to check out down the road we came in on...I couldn't remember exactly how far we had driven from the paved intersection to our site, so I decided to walk down there....I knew it wasn't THAT far!  (What I'm checking out will be another post!)  So, we're off..... pretty day for a nice walk....

It was only a 10 minute walk down to the intersection so we weren't tired and we felt like doing so more exploring.  I remembered there was "something" just a short way down the paved road...

Beaver Creek

We could hear the water so we made our way down a little man-walked path - not without a snake slithering across our feet!  Probably a water snake of some wasn't a rattlesnake!

Wow.....what a beautiful little creek!  
The red rocks jutting out made it especially nice. And "real" trees!

We looked for a way to get onto the ledge of the red rocks and sure enough there was a rough little path...  Nikko is on the leash, of course.  

We got around to the other side of the rocks....and just hung out there for awhile.  No one was around except a pair of BALD EAGLES were flying above our heads!  It wasn't possible to get a photo...trees were in the way plus I didn't want Nikko pulling me into the water!  They flew around us for several minutes.  Pretty awesome! 

The Wonder Dog enjoyed it!  Probably his first creek experience!

Then, all of a sudden, Nikko became restless....ears were standing on end.  He heard something that I wasn't hearing.  In another minute, here came the cowboys!  They were heading up a cattle drive across the creek bridge.  Between the trees we could see them crossing, but the trees really obscured getting a photo.  It was the same cowboys we met at our site.  Apparently there is adjoining private property through this part of the forest.  So, that was kinda fun!  This was a nice spot on a sunny day...and it was great to see some water!

Knowing the cattle drive was past us, we exited the creek area via the little paths up to the road and what do we see?  A little one was left behind!  He was just above the road, but behind the barbed fence....he hadn't made it to the pavement.  A car went by and off he went back over the hill.  In a second, one of the cowboys came trotting back down the road.  I said, "We saw the baby!"  He had realized it was missing and was heading off to look for it.  Poor little thing!

We walk across the road to a little picnic area.  I was sure there would be some more paths along the creek.  And there were....

The red rocks peeking out of the water made this a little different than the creek I grew up on!

Then, all of a sudden, I see the cowboy darting through the trees.....

He came towards us, lasso in hand, and asked exactly where did we see the little calf.  I told him... "Just above the cattle guard on the hill, but still behind the fence."  That's what he needed to know --- BEHIND the fencing.  With a sigh of relief and a 'thank you, m'am', he went that direction.  

We enjoyed the beautiful, calming creek and forest a little longer, then it was time to head back..... what a nice morning!

We were back on the paved road heading to our site and in a few minutes, the cowboys came by in their truck towing their loaded horse trailer.  They waved and I was pretty sure they had rounded up the little calf.  They wouldn't have left the area and left it behind!

So, that was Thursday.  Yesterday was sunny/rainy/sunny/rainy.  First rain we'd seen in probably two months!  Loved it!  It was off and on enough, tho', that we were still able to take a walk along the trail next to our site.  Got some nice shots, even on an "if-y" day.  And we got a nice surprise......wait for it!  It will be in the next post or two!

Love the landscape layers....

Yep!  Rain is heading our way!

Nikko is way ahead of me, wanting to get inside before the rain!

And....there's our house....right where we left it!

It was lunch time....we stayed inside the rest of the day hearing raindrops off and on....doing "chores", reading and eating!  

That's been our past few days.  Stick around!  Just when I thought this was going to be a place with a nice view and not much else....we've already encountered cowboys and creeks....and....there's more to come!

Happy Trails!

p.s. (I don't like these smaller pixel photos....I'll be going back to the larger in future posts!)

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  1. The creek was a n awesome find! How pretty and what a nice change! Great pics and can hardly wait to see what you found!