Tuesday, June 23, 2015

We Interrupt This Program..... --- Jun 23. 2015

 to bring you the 

Special 1st Anniversary Edition of Travelin' Tiff Diaries

Can you believe that one year ago today I started this RV adventure?  I can't!  I've touched down in 18 states across the country and have logged about 9,000 miles..... and countless memories!  And I have read well over 100 books! It's been a great ride so far!

To celebrate my One Year RVing Anniversary, and to give those of you who may have just joined me recently. an overview of my travels since Day 1,  I thought I would go back through the photos of some (well, most) of my stops along this journey. (Unless I say otherwise, the sites were free stays.) Just go to the archives if you would like more info/photos of any of these areas. Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and (re)take the trip with me!  There are a lot of photos -- it's like a coffee table photo album!  

Day 1 -- June 23, 2014 

My first night out -- Wayne National Forest, Marietta, OH.
Tiny campground next to a small creek.
My biggest worry was backing into the spot! I hadn't practiced very much.  Only took two tries!

Lake Buffalo -- Monongahela National Forest, Bartow WV
I knew after landing at this spot, I was going to love RVing!
I stayed at the lake for a few days then moved down the road right next to a beautiful stream.

Scottsville, VA on the James River
I needed to chill out here for a few hours.  I had lost my brakes (due to overheating on the decline) coming over the Appalachians just before entering this charming little town.
If I hadn't been moving on, I would have probably checked out the local bar! 

Dick Cross Wildlife Management Area -- Boydton, VA
Sunflower fields and a hidden lake in the woods.
This was a really nice spot...all to myself! Great hiking!

Harkers Island, NC
My "spot" here was in the driveway of my super diving buddies, Laine and Mary Ann, who have a great house "on the water".  Thanks, you two!  

Santee Coastal Wildlife Management Area, SC
The scene of my epic "being totally lost in the swamp for hours hike"!  
Go to the archives to relive that nightmare!  "A Stranger in a Strange Land"
No other campers were here....just gators! Really!

Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, SC
Natural habitat to hundreds of aquatic birds.  This was a fantastic side trip.  Recommended!
Charleston was where I ripped my roof off on a tree in the famous Magnolia Cemetery and stayed in the parking lot of the repair shop for about 10 days,  Thanks Pro-Tech!  

Savannah, GA 
One of my favorite cities!  
$12 to park at the Visitors Center for 48 hours within walking distance of the entire city.
I would go back!

Brunswick & Jekyll Island, GA
A wonderful visit on the ocean with my niece and nephew and their kids!  Thanks for the tour!

Hazel Ridge Cemetery -- Brunswick, MO
Infamously haunted!  I have a passion for old cemeteries, so I had to stop at this one!
It was pretty much in the middle of nowhere in the woods.  Creepy!
Stayed at a little city park there.

Driving the back roads through the heartland of Missouri
I would be happy with no interstates!  I love the back roads!

Vermillion, SD
THE friendliest town I've visited!  Free camping at a town park with water and electric!
Only place I've had any hookups at all!  

Byre Lake -- Kennebec, SD
A very restful spot.  Another confirmation that RVing was for me and I had it all to myself!

The Badlands National Park, SD
Free campground here, too!  A geologic wonder!

Ayers Natural Bridge -- Casper, WY
Tiny campground....my site was right next to the bridge!

End of August, 2014  --  into Utah now....
Beautiful scenery!

Uinta National Forest -- Utah
Beautiful place to camp!

Dixie National Forest - Utah
$12/night at the Yankee Meadow Campground.  I was too tired that day to look for a
dispersed (free) campsite...and it was near Labor Day weekend,
Needed to grab a spot before the weekenders came through.
Really pretty area with great hiking in a diverse landscape,

Dome Rock -- Quartzsite, AZ
Finally in the desert....and, again, I had it all to myself!  I climbed to the top!  

LaPosa BLM -- Quartzsite, AZ
I love the desert!  No neighbors here, either!

Senator Wash Reservoir - BLM land near Yuma, AZ
My view for the entire winter!  Less than $1/day!  Made some great RVing friends here!
And I made a Hole-In-One on the desert golf course!

January 24, 2015
I rescued Nikko, a Belgian Malinois,  from a shelter in Phoenix
He is the greatest RV dog!

 Historic Castle Dome Mines "City" -- Near Yuma, AZ
An interesting little side trip down a 10-mile, really, really bumpy road!

Saddle Mountain - Tonapah, AZ
Again, I had the whole desert to myself...except for the surprise visit of a hot air balloon!
My refrigerator went out here...but I found some nice guys in town who fixed it for free!

Prescott National Forest -- AZ
Have headed northward now to cooler temps....nestled in the pines!  

Coconino National Forest - AZ - Fossil Creek Road site
The surprise find of "hoodoos" near my campsite!

From the top of Sacred Mountain - Coconino National Forest - AZ
I had another great spot here -- all to myself!
Sacred mountain area to the Southern Sinaguas...fabulous petroglyphs nearby!

Walnut Canyon campsite - near Flagstaff, AZ
May 9, 2015 -- Snow!  View of the San Francisco Peaks from my forest campsite.
This was a great campsite hidden in the forest.  Nikko loved it -- no leash!

Atop the El Morro National Monument - New Mexico
The Atsinna Pueblo ruins.  A really interesting place with a great 2 mile hike up the mountain!
Free campground about 1/2 mile away.

Angel Peak -- near Bloomfield, NM
And finally....my most recent campsite....magnificent!  My free view for two weeks!

There you have it....if you lasted long enough to get through all those photos!  I know there were a lot...and I bypassed some stops, but for me, at least, it was a fun look back at this first amazing year of full time RVing.  I have no regrets!  I hope I have left you with a yearning for a little wanderlust. You don't have to go far from home. no matter where you live, to see some wonderful areas.  Often we don't see what's in our own back yard.  You don't need an RV -- just get a decent tent and go camping for a weekend....hopefully in an unpopulated area.  I guarantee it will change your perspective!

This is what the RVing lifestyle is all about for me --- seeing the unexpected and being lucky enough, at times,  to be at the right place at the right time....

Angel Peak Rainbow 

Thank you for sharing the past year with me!
Let's look forward to another.  Who knows where it will take us!  


  1. I was so hoping you would do a recap of your first year! It was nice to see all the pictures of places you have visited.

    Can't say you've stayed anywhere that wasn't nice, except maybe when you were getting your RV roof fixed!

    As they say..."Thanks for the memories"! and hope to see more in the coming months!

  2. Had forgotten about the getting lost stop. And vermillion! My dads family was from there and I used to hang out at the only (at the time) hardware store.

    Keep them coming...

  3. Nice memories! I liked them all, and look forward to more!