Friday, July 3, 2015

About Face! -- Jul 3, 2015

Nikko and I are still here at the same San Juan National Forest site, outside Mancos, Colorado.  It’s been good weather…a little warm some afternoons, but not bad.  

Not a lot new to report since my last post from here.  It’s been quiet with very few visitors.  A few more horse-people enjoying a pretty summer day through the forest...

I’ve kept busy reading, mostly.  I’ve calculated that I’ve read about 150 books over the past year!  Have downloaded lots on my Kindle on the Kindle Unlimited Plan….it’s a good deal!  And I've worked on a few maintenance items.  

Nikko and I have decided that, unfortunately, Utah is just going to be too warm for him, at least this time of year and as far in as we wanted to go at this point, so we’re making an ‘about face’ and going back down into Arizona.  You say, “Arizona??  Isn’t it hot there??”  Well, yes, in Phoenix and the desert it is (easily over 100* now).  But not where we’re going.  We’re headed to the White Mountain/Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest area.  Our first stop, after an overnight in Gallup, NM on Monday, will be outside Alpine (see, it even sounds cool!), AZ.  This area is over toward the New Mexico border.  Alpine sits at 9000 feet….that’s why the temps are so great (mid 70’s all summer, usually). We're at 8,000 feet right now. Navigation-wise, I don't think it's going to be steep inclines/declines to get there.

I see it looks like there’s Verizon coverage around there, but I’m not sure if it will be right where our proposed campsite is situated, as it is somewhat secluded.  Will just have to wait and see, I guess.  So, if you’re biting your nails after a week or so, wondering why you haven’t seen a post, that will be the reason!  LOL!  But rest assured, we will be enjoying our new spot, I’m sure!  70’s in July? 45 at night!  How could we not! J

I’ll sign off here with just a few, leftover, random shots from around our current site before we leave….it's been a great area in which to live for two weeks!

Our front yard....

LOTS of rabbits and chipmunks around here!

  Nikko and a horned toad got into a bit of a scuffle one day....luckily, no one was harmed! 
These little things are vicious!

A pretty east-facing sunset....

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, today, to my nephew, Zack, in Georgia!  

Everyone have a safe and happy Fourth of July!
Happy Trails!


  1. Sounds like the new place you are going will be great temperature wise! It's been cool here with lots of rain, so the sun would be welcome.

    It HAS been beautiful where you've been and I hope your next spot is just as nice!

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  3. Sorry about Utah....but I'm sure you'll find a good spot, a little cooler. Have a safe trip!

  4. Love the pics and great sights you find for boon docking. Tired of staying at walmarts and flying j's. Would love to find sights like these.