Saturday, May 10, 2014

48 Hours....

No, not the TV show!  48 hours and I'll have the RV sitting in front of my house!  YAY!  My sister, Marta, and her Expert Mechanic Man, Anthony, have really done a great job going over everything and it has helped me out SOOOO much!

Spent all day yesterday cleaning the inside from top to bottom.  It wasn't gross or anything, but really did need a detail cleaning and vacuuming with a good, deep down vacuum....Dysons are good for that!  Used a lot of Clorox Wipes, too!

Would love to take up the carpet someday, but that's not in the near future, for sure.  I sure am glad it's faded, tho'! Can you say, PINK??  Under the front carpet mats, you can see the original color....yep....80's MAUVE!! I'm not sure what color the bulk of it is now, but the years have toned it down a lot....thankfully!

So, the cleaning is for the real deal of "let's see what I can actually get in there and what's still destined for the auction and/or Goodwill." I see a lot more clothes heading to Goodwill, for sure.  I picked up some of those vacuum storage bags.  As long as the vacuum holds, what a space saver!  Maybe that's why they're called Space Saver Bags!  Used them for heavier, bulkier clothes/jackets/coats, sparkly clothes I won't wear much, but didn't really want to have to replace them someday (in case I go to any sparkly affairs!), SCUBA wet suits, comforter I don't need for the summer, some blankets and extra pillows. All that is now taking up a stacked space of about 2'x3'x4'!

Still a lot to do in the next month, but onward and upward!

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  1. Won't have to worry about carpeting getting's not new!