Friday, May 16, 2014

Filling Up !

Not with gasoline....yet!  But filling up the RV!  Basically only have my art supplies to load and miscellaneous odds and ends.  Space utilization has been an exercise in organization, but I like the challenge!

As to the leaks around the windows....silicone caulked them on Tuesday.  There's been rain every day since then...not continuous, but varying amounts.  So far, so good....water has only been outside! Sooooo....I'm going to go ahead and presume I can start working on interior the dinette wall.

Also need to paint the peg board...white...have several things I can hang up....use vertical space!  Will post pics of these projects as they move along.

In my 'down time' (HA!) still have to organize "lots" for the auction.

It's all moving it's time to start making very detailed TO DO lists!  And not misplace them!

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