Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Countdown Has Started !

It's May month til my June 7th auction!  Been very busy sorting, tossing, sorting, tossing, sorting, tossing!  I will have the RV very soon and can start filling it up....then I'll know how much I'm thinking will go in it -- that won't!  LOL!  I'm sure there will be a lot.  So, I'll start over sorting and tossing!

Hoping I do $okay$ with the auction sales, but there's never any way to project how it will go.  However it turns out will be fine...stuff gone and some money in my pocket.  I'm getting paid for people to take away my stuff!  Nothing wrong with that scenario!

Will be auctioning my 2003 Saturn VUE because it is, unfortunately, not towable.  Super vacuumed it today with the Dyson and really cleaned the inside.  It shouldn't get too messy within the next month.  Can't be putting off everything til the last minute!

Stay tuned....this is what it takes to RV full time!  DETACH!

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