Friday, May 30, 2014

One Week to Go....and SOLD!

Next Saturday is the auction!  I've been getting literally everything together in kinds of things. The auctioneer's crew could have done it all for me, but 1) who knows my stuff better than I do? and 2) they don't do that for free!  I took these pics earlier today....there's even more on the floor now..and not just in two rooms!

It's all moving along now!  I already don't miss anything I'm looking at here!  That said, I'm not thrilled about getting rid of my art work - mine and collected art, but I can just create more!

After my family sees the interior of the RV on Sunday, I'll post pics here and on various FB RV groups. A friend said it looks just like me, so I think/hope that means it looks "good" !  I'm not one who could live in a space that I haven't "redone" to my own liking. A lotta tweaking has been done!

So, next week will entail finishing gathering everything up for the auction, cleaning the house where I can before everything is out and detailing my car (will be in the auction), and taking a bunch of clothes to the local thrift shop.  Hopefully they will take them because Goodwill is quite far away unless I have something else to do in that area...which I don't!  It's supposed to rain mid-week, so I'll have to weather watch for working on the car.  Keep your fingers crossed for good auction weather!!! That REALLY helps with a good turnout, which equals more MOOLAH!

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