Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Move In Has Begun !

Fourteen short hours yesterday started my move in.

The first thing I did was go around the RV and silicone seal around the windows.  Places had previously been caulked but needed it again -- with silicone -- because I had found a bad leak situation around the dinette window.....fairly typical in these older RV's.  So, I promptly ripped off the contact paper (UGH!!!!  Does anyone truly like contact paper??? ) which had been put on top of the old wallpaper (I would have lived with the wallpaper!).  The plastic quality of the contact paper pretty much hid the wet wall because moisture couldn't penetrate it.  Rot spreads.  Didn't want that!

Anyway, there was a lot of rotted plywood stemming from the bottom corners of the window where the outside rubber seals had shrunk over time.  It literally crumbled in my hands.  That was a mess. But the wall dried out during the was warm and breezy and I had air circulating.  It's supposed to rain today/tomorrow, so we'll see if the new caulking has caught the leaks...  Let's hope!  Then I'll move onto the next step....whatever that is!  (I have some ideas....)

Since the mess was confined to just the dinette area, that didn't inhibit moving things into the RV at all, so I got quite a bit done.  Except for a few items, the kitchen area is organized and all the camping items are in one of the 'basement' storage areas.  On to art supplies and clothes today....the two major question mark bunches of stuff!  Will know soon how / if it will all fit!  My forecast is another trip to Goodwill with clothing....

I'm already liking minimalism!

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  1. Sounds like a long, but productive, day! Good find on the need for caulking!