Thursday, May 22, 2014

All in a Day's Drive !

Well, I made it to Fairfield and back in one piece!  No surprises, thank goodness.  Closet door kept coming open, but duck tape to the rescue fixed that!  Will install a hook on that door.  Nothing flew around the RV, so all my bungee cord hookups worked sufficiently.

RV is now registered.  Easy process at this particular DMV office.  Got a new sideview mirror....another easy process and makes a great difference!

Purchased Reflectix at Lowe's.  Will cut it to fit each window.  Great barrier for heat and cold.  Molds into the window or you can affix it with little Velcro tabs.  Weighs next to nothing.  Also got a new fire extinguisher as the one in the RV was the ORIGINAL from 1990.  Figured it might be slightly expired!
May have to reevaluate some things with regard to weight.  Will probably ditch more clothing and heavier items...really don't see myself being in "winter" conditions very coat will do.  Can only wear one at a time anyway!

All in all a productive day....didn't do a lot of backing up, tho'!

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