Thursday, August 21, 2014

Deadwood, SD - Aug 20, 2014

On my way north in South Dakota, after departing the beautiful Badlands, I stopped in Deadwood for a few minutes.  While it is a 'tourist attraction' there were some aspects of it that were attractive to me....especially after reading about the history of Deadwood back in the Gold Rush days.  I won't reiterate all that, but for you western history buffs, here is a good write up about it.  History of Deadwood, SD.

What I enjoyed the most was the architecture from 'back in the day'.  It is definitely a "gaming town" --  many buildings house casinos.....where, again, I was tempted to play a few hands of black jack.....but didn't!

Enough's part of my Deadwood photographic scrapbook.  Oh - one thing I will say -- so often people forget to look "up"...they are usually focused on what is straight ahead.  There is a lot of whimsy depicting what was going on in the upper floors of these buildings!

This would probably be an enjoyable little theater night for $5...then a steak!
The parks/tourism and cattle are South Dakota's primary sources of income.

This is the grand Franklin Hotel.  
It houses a very glitzy casino full of glass chandeliers and very proper greeters at the entry. 

A billboard advertising a restaurant....loved the colors!

Hope you enjoyed a walk down Main Street in historic Deadwood, South Dakota!  

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  1. Great buildings and window displays! Glad you shared!

  2. Love the truck billboard!! Imagine that...thanks for letting us see Deadwood!

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