Saturday, August 16, 2014

Wrap Up of Week 8 -- Aug 9-16, 2014

Hey, hey!  I've crossed two major U.S. rivers since my last post....the mighty Mississippi...

and the Missouri!  Here's a map showing my travel route to helps me keep up with where I've been.  $35 dollars so far for all these stops over two months' time!  I've traveled over 4,000 miles already. to enlarge all pics.

Here are a few random shots of driving through Missouri and into Iowa.  Many antiquated, but quaint, small towns.

Old farms. pristine farms, and newer power innovations....

I went through the outskirts of Chillocothe, Missouri -- and who knew?? It is the Sliced Bread Capital of the the U.S. !  It was discovered that sliced bread was first offered for sale - ever - in Chillocothe, MO.  A product of the Chillicothe Baking Co., it was sliced on a machine called the Rohwedder Bread Slicer.  The slicer was put into practice in 1928 in downtown Chillicothe.

I stopped at a small city park for overnight in Brunswick,, of course, with potable water! I was the only one there.  The train car may have some significance, but there was no info on it. Brunswick is the self-proclaimed Pecan Capital of Missouri, altho' I didn't see and pecan stands....hmmmmmmm....

The Brunswick, MO interest grabber [for me] was Hazel Ridge Cemetery....3+ miles down a dirt road, guarded by dogs and flanked by horses.  One has to want to go there!

...then about a 1/2 mile hilly dirt lane to get to it.  It is infamous for being haunted and has been written up in many paranormal books/articles.  Followers have noted that the stones and trees have actually moved.  They precisely map each marker and tree...go back and they have moved. Believe it or not...but it was an interesting little, hidden cemetery either way.

By August 11th, I was in Macedonia, Iowa...another little rural town...but with a great, free, park!

Old Town Park is next to the Nishnabotna River.  It is 9.5 acres and located on the historic Morman Trail.  Again, I was there by myself!  Yay!

There was a nice sunset over the adjacent corn field and a pretty sunrise the following morning...

August 12-14:   After one day/night, I said my farewells to this pretty little park and headed to Vermillion, South Dakota.  Now, this has to be one of the friendliest towns I have ever visited! Every one is helpful, happy, and always smiling!  And....the Lion's Club has a free park which you can stay in for up to 3 days.  It also has potable water and electric hook ups!  Pretty swanky for free!  Vermillion is home to The University of SD and has a population of about 10,000.  So...a few more amenities, which were helpful.  Stocked up on provisions and got the RV serviced. Oil change, fluid, belts and tires checked and ALL my windows washed for $45!  Can't beat that!

I went for a bike ride around the town and also down the bike path which runs next to the Vermillion River.  The river scene wasn't too great, but the bike ride was very nice!  Here are some shots from around town....

Paved, level site, potable water, electric hook up, table and grill!  Free!
Note foil-wrapped chicken dinner on the grill....

The city has kept its vision for historic preservation for generations.
(Note how busy it is at 11:15 am...)

Carnegie Library

First Baptist Church


The epitome of Vermillion's quaintness and friendliness is caught in this street photo!

Of course, I had to stop at the Bluff View Cemetery on my way out of town....loved this little chapel...

Finally, my GPS brought me to Byre Lake in Kennebec, South Dakota, where I have been since Thursday.  It is a small lake, located in the open prairie.  Super little lake where you can camp for up to 5 days....again -- for free!  There is only one other camper here and last night some tenters came in, but both parties are on the adjacent side of the lake.  I have a ton of space to myself!

The temps are a delightful low-mid 70's, but the plains bring quite a brisk wind across them.  It was supposed to rain, but it must have passed over with just a few raindrops.

Yesterday I hiked around "my" side of the lake (can't walk all the way around)....

This abandoned house sits out in the middle of the prairie land as far as my lens would go....

My dining area view is the lake.....the other side are the never ending plains of South Dakota....

Last night's sunset over the lake, delicious lamb curry dinner (and mellow wine!), and this morning's sunrise....

Dinner view....

The start of Saturday, August 16th.....  up with the birds!

I will probably be here until early Monday morning...then off to buffalo country!  The Badlands!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!  I'm going to!  Au revoir for now!


  1. Loved your week's narrative and photos! Sunset lovely, lake lovely, towns same.....nice relaxing places! Loved the old Chevy! So, off to the Badlands! Will you cross any Indian Reservations? Safe travels!

  2. These were great pictures! You have to wonder where these people work...didn't look like much industry, etc. around to sustain them. At least they have their priorities right with the '57 Chevy...and the guy looked so happy! Really enjoyed looking at all these shots and am looking forward to more!

  3. Noticed - Carey's since 1954! Very cool. Love the images, stunning photography. Especially find myself staring at the abandoned house on the prairie. You have an amazing eye and true photographic gift. Can't say enough.
    Thanks for this beautiful blog!