Saturday, June 28, 2014

Featherfin WMA - Friday, June 27, 2014

The drive on towards Farmville was easy....about 45 minutes.  As I got closer to the GPS coordinates for Featherfin there were lots of "in one mile turn 1.75 miles turn half a mile turn 2 miles turn right....."  Something like that!  Needless to say, I'm on one lane gravel roads.... where the heck am I going?  Oh well, it's a nice day to explore!

Finally I come to a marker for the wildlife area.  Ok...I'm in the right spot!  Now....just have to find these campsite areas I read about.  I keep meandering down the gravel road looking for something that resembles a site.  Hmmmmmm....nothing, really.  I finally stop at what looks like an intersection thinking about "what next?"  Then a truck pulls up and the fellow asks if I needed any help.  "Just trying to find the campsites."  "Campsites???  I own land on both sides of the WMA and there aren't any campsites around here....but if you go five miles to Holiday Lake, there's an RV-type park there."   "Really?  It's all over the WMA website about the FREE campsites...I even got a Permit."

Side note about the's $23 for the WHOLE year (or $4/day) for any of the several VA WMA areas.  You can camp up to 14 days at any one of them for free!!

THEN he says...."Oh...that......well, they just expect you to park anywhere - like in those rectangular pull in spaces you might have seen."  Ohhhhhh....ok!  He said I could park on his land, which was a nice gesture, but I thought I should probably stick to the plan.  I thanked him, turned around and went back to see if I noticed any of these "sites".  Well....I did see some, but the RV wouldn't fit into them or, there was a sign not to park in front of the gate that leads to areas where you could walk/hike. They just weren't large enough.  Then I saw a very large space under some trees set back a little from the road.  That looks good!  All the time thinking it probably really wasn't a WMA site....more like private property.  Oh well....I'm going in there anyway!  No one is around here.  If someone tells me to move, I just turn the key and move!

One really good aspect of this spot is it's perfectly level front to back, side to side! (Uhhhhh,,,probably because a house used to sit here???!!!)

The land is scruffy....not particular noteworthy, but it's a nice spot with trees all around....once you get past the scruffy area.  Thinking there probably won't be a lot of photo ops around here, so I'll just concentrate on seeing what natural plants, etc. I can find to photograph.  It's hot, so I figure out how to roll out the awning with a little text help from my sister.  YES!  Communications here!  One bar - YAY!  Verizon!

Rain is in the forecast for the whole weekend, so I figure I'd better get out and poke around this property and see what I can find.  Now you'll be blasted with nature photos. First what I see from the RV, then wild plants and flowers....not that you haven't seen these before, but it's what's here in my new back yard!

That's the RV in the center by the tree!  See it???

There you have it!  My new spot!  It's quiet, nature-filled and level!  What more could a girl want?

I settle in, check systems, etc., get out my outdoor mat, camp chair, table, book and make a *mostly ice* drink along with some cheese and crackers....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....that might be dinner for tonight!  Too hot to cook...

Night knock on the door from the "privately owned property campsite authorities" have gone by...they can see me...guess no one is concerned.  Phone rings!  Way out here!  WOW!  A retired friend who is k-i-n-d-a considering m-a-y-b-e doing an RV-thing calls to get the real facts on how it's going so far....we catch up on everything and I don't think I deterred the idea....not yet anyway!

It's pitch black out here...just as it has been everywhere --- except Walmart, of course!  It has cooled down a bit...all good for sleeping!  I continue with "The Thin Man"...then off to sleep.  What will tomorrow bring??  We shall see!

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  1. Just reading last two blogs! Great adventure! This WMA (or not) space is certainly primitive, for sure! But that's OK. Private enough for the solar shower??

    Enjoy, and let us hear where your next trek will take you!