Thursday, June 26, 2014

Onward to Bartow, WV and Lake Buffalo - June 24, 2014

Have not had cell service for two days in the mountains!

After a good night's sleep, I had a good outdoor breakfast at the Lane Farm CG site.  Beautiful, cool temps! Packed up and set the GPS to Buffalo Lake.  I've learned to trust it no matter where it takes me!  I was glad I did because in just a few minutes it took me on a back road to a covered bridge....that was a nice surprise!


On up the hill, was an old cemetery...another nice surprise.  Since I didn't make it to Mounds Cemetery in Marietta, I decided to stop.  Lots of interesting headstones...bear with me with my old cemetery fascination!


I'm now on a one lane road...wondering if I really do trust my GPS!  But I keep going.  In another few minutes a deer runs across the road and then just stops....stops long enough for me to get his picture...he was posing - his 5 seconds of fame!

Onward I go...then wild turkeys cross my path but they weren't in the mood for a portrait!  A few hundred yards further, a big red-tailed hawk was waiting for me on a fence post.  Also, not in the picture taking mood.

Well, trusting GPS was a good thing.  I finally came upon Route 7 in Newport, OH...and the Ohio River.  Stopped and got this  morning shot:

Now...onward to Bartow.  I had to cross Cheat Mountain....YIKES!  Hairpin after another after another...can you say, "white nuckles"??  LOL!  But we made up....AND over!  Finally arrive in Bartow....and the Monongahela National Forest.  Nothing much in Bartow, so I was curious as to what Lake Buffalo would be like.  Saw the sign....turned onto a gravel road.  For 3 miles I was getting more and more curious. is Lake Buffalo!  Worth the white nuckles!

I was able to park right at the entrance.  Unlevel spot, but I'll talk about that later.  Beautiful lake....and no one here!  Perfect!  I settled in and immediately wanted to hike around.  Walked down the lane to the far end of the lake....pretty forests....pretty weather!  It's not a big lake, but situated in a wonderful location.... away from everything!  Sat by the lake for a long time just enjoying the scenery. Eventually rustled up another chicken dinner.  Wondered if there would be a sunset the sun came down....

And yes!  There would be a pretty nice sunset!  The resident Canadian geese family agreed!

And......I had it all to myself!!  A great ending to my adventure's second day!   Time to turn in....another cool, peaceful night ahead!


  1. It's beautiful! I knew you'd cross some mountains on this leg of the trip! Glad all has gone well! The pictures are great....I'm enjoying them so much! What's about the unlevel parking space? Next stop....Albemarle Lake, I'm reading.....for several days! Hoping for a great site there! (and more Take care!

  2. Beautiful! I'm so glad the places you are heading are turning out to be as great as you'd hoped they would be! The pictures are wonderful for all of us just wishing we were there, too!