Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Makin' a List...Checkin' it Twice...

or three times, or four times!  This was just today's list!  Luckily, just about everything has a check mark by it!  Have to start more for tomorrow, Thursday, Friday....etc.

Down to nitty gritty stuff now....still have odds and ends in the house, but nothing significant.  Well, my art prints.... still contemplating how that's going to work out...may have a couple of options...not sure yet.  But everything else is just small piddly stuff and paperwork.  Could probably just swoop it into the trash and not miss it, but I'm not in THAT much of the freedom mode yet!  LOL!  I'll have to look through it!

A very good friend gave me a Renogy 100w Solar Panel - portable!  Whoo hoo!  Will save on generator use, for sure!  Very thoughtful going away gift, I must say!  Really looking forward to a lot of sunny days!

That's it for today....days are whizzing by now!

1 comment:

  1. I liked your lists except for the question mark beside the apple pie! :-)