Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I landed safe and sound at the Lane Farm Campground in Wayne National Forest (Marietta, OH - but maybe actually in Parkersburg, WV - hard to tell!) yesterday afternoon!  I was a little delayed by roadwork, traffic accident, refrigerator and freezer doors swinging open, and a cabinet door that wouldn't stay shut, but, duck tape took care of that!

Stopped at a rest stop that was off the roadway a bit, just prior to getting to Marietta.  Upon exiting, there was a tiny little church.  Come to find out, it's the smallest church in Ohio!  It's called The Healing Chapel. I felt like that was a good omen!


Into Marietta was relatively uneventful, but once on the other side of town going toward the campground, I had my practice with twists, turns, and steep grades up and down, but that's hill country!  Also contributed to having no Verizon cell service.

The little campground (only 4 spots) was perfect!  Even more so because I was the only one there!

Behind the trees and down a bank was a creek, which was nice. No trails to speak of, but I went back into the woods anyway!  It was very hot and humid, but it's summer!  No bugs, tho'!

Night settled in.  I turned on the generator for a few minutes to cool the house down and charge up some electronics.  I had a drink with *mostly ice* and great dinner of spicy curried chicken and rice which I had made up/frozen ahead of time. Worked on these photos and did some reading.  Temps started falling and it was a very pleasant night in the trees at about 65*.  Perfect for sleeping!  

Successful first day on Adventure Road!  

It's Tuesday noon right now and I'm in Weston, WV at McDonald's to charge up the laptop, download some more pics and post this blog.  Headed to Bartow, WV (about 1.5 hrs from here)......and Buffalo Lake - supposed to be FREE camping there!  We'll see!

Happy Trails, for now!  


  1. Wonderful....great spot for a tiring day! Yes, lots of hills in WV! I imagine you'll have more!

    Love the photos....so glad it's going well so far! Beautiful! <3

  2. Sounds like you had a perfect first day/night! I'm sure it was quite serene...

  3. I said to myself "oh...oh", when you texted me to read blog. False alarm (self-inflicted). Glad to hear that your first day turned out to be a good one. Great photos, great blog. It will be fun to follow your journey.

  4. I'm thinking that little creek might be the Little Muskingum River from reading on line. It said the Lane Farm Canoe Launch onto the LMRiver is closed.....so....maybe a river!

    Same here, Gene.....I thought, "oh, no." Also self-inflicted. LOL

  5. Guessing you are once more "out of service area", since no contact since noon on Tuesday. We'll await your next blog entry!

  6. What an adventure so far , just stumbled unto this looking forward to following all your adventures to your destination

  7. Awesome photo of the trees reflected in the water!