Tuesday, July 1, 2014

First Week Reflections

As a total newbie to all this full time RVing, I had the normal trepidation about it all.  Will the RV function like it should?  There are never any guarantees when you're dealing with vehicles no matter how much preparation you do.  Will the GPS get me to the right coordinates?  Are the coordinates even correct?  Will the sites I researched be anything like described?  Will there be people around?  And of what element?  Remember, I'm boondocking.....not at "civilized" RV parks. Will I remember everything I've been cramming my little brain with for the past several weeks?  Like how everything in the RV works. Will I be able to communicate? How will all the electronic charging happen?  Will I monitor the gas tank ok considering the gauge doesn't work....have to keep track of mileage.  Will I miss my "stuff"?

A million an one things ran through my head on the morning of June 23rd as I pulled away from the curb.  My best friend had just given me a beautiful good luck charm and a four leaf clover, so I had that going for me....and at that moment, that was about all I felt I had.

But....as we all know....most "fears" are unfounded.  Yes, I thought my brakes were going out on the mountains...yes, I had a few changes in "the plan"...yes, I'm running low on house water and no one I asked in the past few days knew of any handy city water spigot....yes, I had ants in my pants!  But, overall, so far, it has been a 99% great experience.

I started this blog to help remember what I had done and where I had been.  And also to help others who are thinking about this lifestyle....from the beginning stage of thinking about it and buying this RV through getting rid of all my stuff, and now, to being on the road for a week....but it has seemed like a year.

Here's are the top 12 things I've learned so far:

1)   I don't miss my stuff.  I haven't said even once, "I wish I had my...."  (Well, I could use a little more kitchen counter space, but that's a given in a small space...and I couldn't have brought that with me, anyway.)
2)   When you are staying in the moment, time slows way down.  You aren't dwelling on yesterday or totally consumed by what might happen tomorrow.  It's an age old prophecy that holds a lot of merit.
3)   There is always something interesting around you to see.  Even in your own back yard, if you just look.
4)   Yes, you can miss friends and relatives, but if there's a true connection with them, you are never far away.
5)   I don't miss the day to day "dramas" that people think are the end of the world.  Or the gossip.  Or "the news".
6)   If I want a change of scenery, I just take a walk or turn the key.  Boredom seems non-existent.
7)   I don't have to "pay" for a place to live.  So far, I've spent (outside of gas), an average of $5.32 per day.  And that includes some food that I really didn't "need", but just wanted.  Without that, it would drop to $1.89/day.  Can't beat that!
8)   If I ever don't want to do this, I can just stop. Not much invested in the venture (like owning a house).
9)   There are no rewards without risk.
10)  I had missed my passions of photography, nature, and art more than I realized.  It's part of staying in the moment and great "meditation".
11)  I need a bird feeder to have in these spots where I stay for several days.
12)  AND......  I'm glad I brought great music with me  :-)

So, there you have it.  My thoughts after one week of totally changing my life.  Most of it, for me has been how you look at life in general and the bigger picture, what "things" are really important, what you can do without, and staying in the moment.

Oh, and.....all sunrises and sunsets are special....it means you've been around to experience another day!  For now, I'm just following the Yellow Brick Road....


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  2. I'm with Sandy... images pop up of past memories every time I read your entries.... And nr. 2 above? I know that 'slow down' feeling. It is worth the trip right there....

    Keep it up....L