Thursday, July 3, 2014

Not All Fun and Games ! July 2, 2014

Just like any house, there IS house cleaning to do!  Because it was to be so hot and humid today, I thought it would be a good day to stay around the RV and do some 'maintenance'....dusting, vacuuming, put a hook on that cabinet door that keeps swinging open, clean windows, get the bugs off the front end, rearrange the refrigerator a little....  speaking of the refrigerator, the "needs propane" light keeps coming on, but there's no way I need propane.  Not sure what that's all about, but I'll check into a little later.  I could also use some water...eventho' I'm super conservative with it, it diminishes.  Have about 1/3 tank left in what I think might be a 30 gallon tank. This isn't drinking water...I have plenty of that, but "house" water....for dishes, etc.

My original plan was to leave tomorrow morning (Thursday) and head to Harkers Island, NC for the holiday weekend.  But Hurricane Arthur decided he would start the weekend early!  Headed right for that spot.  My friend, Laine, who has so graciously invited me there for the weekend, heard the forecast was the "hit" would be about 2am Friday morning, moving out quickly, and leaving great weather behind.  Behind every cloud there's a silver lining??  Let's hope!  So, if that holds true, I'll leave the Dick Cross WMA early Friday morning.  Just have to see what happens. Laine is going to ride out the storm on the island!  Be safe, my friend!

Anyway, the day started off with a fantastic sunrise...and since I'm pretty sure you don't care much about photos of my vacuum, I'll post extras of the sunrise....

It even warranted a black and white!

Breakfast consumed the last of the peaches and blackberries.... then off to do "chores" !

p.s.  Later in the afternoon, I did go over to South Hill, VA - about a 15 minute drive and got propane...only needed 8.9 gals to fill up, so I was far from empty, but better safe than sorry.  The refrig propane light eventually went off.  The folks at the propane company were soooooo nice! They even filled up my water tank!  Productive day!  Missions accomplished!

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