Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Walk About Around Charleston - July 23, 2014

Well, it has been exactly one month since I left the curb in College Corner, OH...and I'm still alive! Seems like I've gotten a lot under my belt in a month....I sure have a lot of photos so far!  I had meant to be much further along on my journey by now, but with two longer than expected "layovers", it just wasn't meant to be! But, that's one advantage of full time RVing....most usually you don't have to be at a specific spot at a specific time!

I went to the Gibbes Art Museum today.  They had a special photography exhibit which was quite interesting.

Here are some random photos around Charleston.  I doubt I will have many more at this point unless I go slightly out of town somewhere tomorrow.  Haven't decided.  Very little, or no, commentary on these...just for interest's sake.

These are beautiful seagrass baskets!  

Hiberian Hall built for the Hiberian Society...and interesting Irish organization

Another view of St. Michael's Church

He put an "E" up next...see it on the sidewalk...

But apparently realized the mistake by the time I came back ...

I have NO idea what this is doing on a downtown Charleston side street!  

Part of my walk from the hotel to downtown...

But this was the view from there!


Waiting to hear something about the RV repairs....will contact the shop tomorrow and get the status.  Ready to get movin' on!


  1. Great photos today! Know you're ready to move now! Enjoy last day!

  2. College Corner...that's funny!

  3. This is my favorite batch of images. Just beautiful!